Shaw African Construction

Shaw African Construction are the holder and structure of the Shaw Group of companies, offering services in the Civils, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation, Piping and Platework fields with vast experiance in the engineering and design fields to be added to the endevour. Shaw African Construction and Shaw Group of companies are therefore the leading solution to its clients in Africa and Other continents.  Shaw Group  Specialises in multi national resources and fields of operations, spreading from Installation, Construction, Commissioning, Engineering and Design in the fields of Underground Mining, Surface Mining, Energy Sectors, Food and Beverage sectors, Houseing and Project Accomodation, Early Works, Process Engineering, Optimisation Engineering Specialised engineering Audits to ensure our clients optimum solutions are achieved.

LODAS Construction SARL

LODAS Construction is the subsidiary company in the Shaw Group responsible for offering  optimum engineering and designs solutions in the construction and engineering sectors. LODAS Construction SARL is a fully registered entity and compliant in DR Congo.

Focus and driven in the mining secots of the Democratic republic of Congo. LODAS construction under the SAC group has deliver Electrical, Controls and Instrumentaiton projects to the clients expectations and exceeding its deliverables.

LODAS has successfully completed - KIBALI Gold underground expansion and infrastruction from 2015 to 2018 by the Previously named Organisation SPR Tech.

More Recent - LODAS were awarded with a small development project within the Ivenhoe Mining Group on the Kamoa Kakula copper project in 2019 which expanded and to dat have been involved over all the expansion projects of the Kakula Copper deposit most recent issue of contract were Phase 2B.

LODAS Construction - Zambia

LODAS Construction is the subsidiary company in the Shaw Group responsible for offering services in the Civil, Structural, Mechanical Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation, Piping and Platework fields with optimum engineering and designs solutions. LODAS Construction is a fully registered entity and compliant in Zambia.

Focused on the Construction, Engineering and Supply chain sectors.

LODAS Construction- has been established in Zambia from 2017 and has successfully delivered construction services as well as supply chain solutions to the copper belt province.

LODAS Under SAC group have successfully supplied - MOXICO Minerals as a recent supply chain solution


Allied Brewing Services

Allied Brewing Services, established and known as ABS is the only Brewing Technology company that has two Brew Masters in its employment. ABS has the capability to service the Brewing Industry through Africa, in optimal solutions in fields of construction, execution, optimisation and commissioning in the brewing insdustry. Allied Brewing Services has worked on as mush as 80% of all AB INbev Brewery sites with Africa.  Making ABS the Optimal and Efficient sollution to our clients breweries.

Allied Serves under the SAC group of companies and has delivered the full turn key solution to breweries in Africa.

SAC - and Alied Brewing Services developed and implemented a 15000HL expansion of the ABINBEV in Namibia project was awarded in 2019 and completed with full demobilisation early 2020.